‘Euro’ or Coffin Bales

We are specialist suppliers of these 80 x 47 cm cross section bales. These bales are ideally suited to people with larger horses and contain around 7 conventional bales of fodder.  

Average weight is around 125 kg's in Hay, in a 6 foot long bale and up to 150 kg's in Haylage (depending on moisture content). These bales can be easily moved into place by ourselves with a trolley and will (just!) fit through a standard doorway.

These bales offer great value for money and take up far less space than you might think. As with a small bale, they are made up of individual flakes, or wads, so its just as easy to feed as a small bale.

Conventional Bales

We are also able to supply conventional bales, mostly in packs of  21 from Bale Baron packers, in both hay and straw. Because of the design of these machines bales may appear quite short compared to bales that haven't been packed., However, we have been operating these machines for many years and are confident that in most cases our bales will be heavier than most. We will have a large stock of  meadow  hay from our  own fields. Our aim is to have continuous supply for our regular customers, late in the season we may buy in hay from our contacts, as long as the quality meets with our approval.


We will have a large stock of  high quality Haylage available in Euro Bales. These bales weigh in the region of 125-150 Kgs, depending on moisture content at time of baling.  We also make a limited number of ‘Twin Packs’ for customers requiring a larger alternative, once opened you have 2 euro bales inside, so can be fairly easily moved. A Euro bale can, in most cases be used completely without spoilage, this is more difficult with larger bales. We will have a large quantity of both meadow  Haylage and high quality Ryegrass Haylage that is being specially grown for us. We also supply small conventional bales of Haylage. These bales are approximately 34 inches long BEFORE wrapping and weigh around 25 kg's.

The conventional bales are ideal for people that compete and thus travel regularly, or for those with limited storage.

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