Hay, Straw, Haylage and Bedding sales

Delivered across Essex

Micro Hesston Bales

We are specialist suppliers of these 80x47cm Cross section bales, sometimes referred locally as a ‘euro’ bale. These bales are an ideal alternative to a conventional bale, containing approximately 7 small bales.

We aim for a average weight of around 125kgs in hay, in a bale 5.5ft long. These bales are easily moved into place on a sack trolley by ourselves and will fit through a standard doorway (just!)

These bales offer great value for money and take up far less space than you might think. As with a small bale, they are made up of individual flakes, or wads, so it’s just as easy to feed as a small bale.

These bales are available in both hay, straw and Haylage as a (4ft long bale).

Conventional Bales

We supply conventional bales of hay and straw, mostly in packs of 21.

We have Meadow grass and Ryegrass hay as well as Wheat, Oat and Barley straw subject to availability.


We make our own Haylage and STOCK Ryegrass, Meadow grass and from harvest 2021 Timothy Haylage.

Micro Hesston bales will be around 125-150kgs in weight in Ryegrass, Meadow Haylage may be lighter depending upon moisture content.

We offer a conventional sized bale of Haylage around 30kgs in weight.

During 2021 we aim to have our Haylage packed into 20kg bags, a convenient size for taking away to shows.


We are stockists of Biosorb, a highly absorbent anti-bacterial bedding based on Chopped oilseed rape straw.

We also offer Budget woodshavings.